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High Performance Communication: Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating, by Professor Dr. George Kohlrieser

High performance requires all members of an organisation to work together across boundaries of culture, diversity, interpersonal differences, and conflicts. In essence, every organisation is a product of how its leaders and members think and interact.

This presentation aims at introducing participants to the concept of leadership as a process of communication, dialogue, influence and persuasion.

In order to influence followers effectively and correctly, organisational leaders need to adopt a mindset of “playing to win” rather than “playing not to lose” allowing them to bring forth their vision with passion. Cutting edge leaders know how to take appropriate risk, inspire trust and create opportunities to foster success for themselves, their teams, and their organisations.

Date: 3 November 2010 (Wednesday)
Time: 9am to 5pm
Venue: Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, Taylor’s University College

Programme Overview

Focusing with the "mind's eye" to overcome negative mindsets
How brain science can help leaders be more persuasuve
High performance leadership
What hostage negotiators know and do to get an over 90% succes rate

Programme Objectives

Learning how to be secure base
Understand the importance of the bonding cycle
Learn how to be an effective listener
Use the full power of interaction

Key Take-aways

Creating bonds even with your adversaries
Tools to remove blocks to dialogue
Principle of Highly Effective Influence, Persuasion, and Negotiation

Who Is This For

CEOs / CMOs / CFOs / COOs
Managing Directors
Senior Management
Leaders & Change Agents
Business Owner

Programme Structure

High impact communication
Influence, persuasion and negotiation
Action Learning and application through Role-playing
Action Planning


Pre-work assignments - short presentations, small group work, action exercises, role-playing, action plan, follow-up assignments

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