Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our 24th Year in Development Communication

24 years in development communication

Established in December 15, 1986, AIDCOM has on Wednesday 15, December 2010 reached its 24th year in development communication. AIDCOM was established with a mission to contribute to equitable human development through the implementation of development communication programmes in the Asian Pacific and is mandated to promote the role of mass media and communication with a view to strengthening the development process in a civil society.The formation and establishment of Aidcom was in response to the need to develop a communication support system for effective management of sectoral development programme.

Today AIDCOM has managed to operate closely in many countries in the Asia-Pacific with national, regional and international media organizations. AIDCOM has conducted numerous conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums and colloquiums on issues which contribute to the national concerted efforts on capacity building of our labor force, as stated in our national Five-Year Malaysia Development Plans to increase productivity and efficiency in the use of labor as well as strengthening the human resource base for sustained economic growth of Malaysia.

Aidcom is financially supported by various international organizations and United Nations agencies and it occasionally raises a very modest fund through publications and specialized training courses for media and with age it grows stronger every year.

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